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Frequently Asked Questions


Our pricing is based on our weekly menu and will change periodically depending on the menu items. Our regular menu item prices are listed on the website. We offer single, double and family of four portions. All items can be sold individually, but we also offer packages consisting of soup, salad, bread, entrees and dessert.


We tend to package in recyclable foil pans that bake in the oven and are in family style form. Soup containers are reusable, dishwasher safe, recyclable and microwaveable.

Dietary notes?

We are always happy to help with any dietary restrictions. As a habit we always try to make the soups gluten free. We do work in a facility with multiple allergens such as tree nuts, soy, wheat and dairy. Be sure to notify us before ordering if you need special attention. For celiac customers please give us a 72 hour notice.

Reheating guidelines?

As a rule we suggest to always heat and reheat soups and hot meals to to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. A lot of time we ask to let meals rest for 5 to ten minutes to prevent burns and to let the meal set up properly before slicing.